​​Advanced Integrated IP Solutions, LLC has partnered with nationally and globally recognized distributors and has a large variety of IP cameras, NVRs and VMS software available to choose from.  Giving you the ability to customize your IP surveillance camera solution.
Milestone Husky™
The Milestone Husky™ M20 is a custom-designed
NVR featuring the latest high-performance
hardware for users who want
a proven, predictable and reliable solution.
The Husky M20 is a stand-alone NVR that
is rack mountable and supports up to 24
cameras. Preloaded with industry-leading
Milestone XProtect software, the Husky
M20 has an optional integrated Power over
Ethernet (PoE) managed switch and Smart
Start plug-and-play features, which simplify
the system setup process and save time
during installation.
Ideal for low-to-mid-market installations,
such as retail chains, bank branches and
office campuses.